Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Our December Newsletter...

It’s time once again for an annual update letter and we have much exciting news to share! On March 6 our son, Daniel Isaac, was born! We praise God for a great delivery (aka “epidural”) and a healthy boy to delight (and tear up) our house. We were also blessed with a visit from Ruth’s sister and niece to share in and provide support during that time.

Over the summer God led us to move to a new apartment where we are thrilled to have more space for our growing family, as well as the lovely perk of enjoying a swimming pool. Both girls have learned to swim now.

Fall brought the start of another school year as well as the girls’ birthdays. Rebekah, now 7, continues in the Spanish Immersion program in first grade. Isabella, now 5, was accepted for early entrance to kindergarten and is also in the Spanish program. It has been fun to see the girls read and write in both languages, and to hear them begin to speak Spanish again. Please pray with us that God will give us wisdom in raising kingdom servants.

José survived a difficult early summer as for several weeks he undertook four jobs (yes, it was possible!). Thankfully since late summer he has been back to the routine of just two jobs (teaching Spanish at a Christian high school, and night janitorial work). Unfortunately as his home country was suffering political unrest, he was unable to make a visit this year. Our hopes are that next summer all five of us will be able to go. Please pray with us that God will give grace to José and provide a more normal work schedule.

Both José and Ruth have been so blessed to continue to work in the Spanish ministry at our local church for over a year now. We have enjoyed the involvement with Spanish speakers and have witnessed four individuals come to Christ! Moved by compassion for José’s difficult schedule which keeps him from dedicating more time to this ministry, and by the vision to reach Spanish speakers to provide them with a Bible-based church, the missions committee has asked us if we would consider joining a missions organization so that through the organization they might provide us with a monthly offering. We have prayed and agreed that this may provide José a fulfillment of his desire to spend more time in ministry, and that the organization suggested would be a good fit for us. So now we are in the process to join the Northwest Independent Church Extension (N.I.C.E.). NICE is a church planting organization with a Hispanic department, and we are excited to serve God along with them. Please pray with us as we take these steps.

This month we celebrate the birth of our Savior, our God-with-us, and we pray that together with us you will experience the joy!
With love in Christ,
José, Ruth, Rebekah, Isabella and Daniel Alvarez

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