Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Coming!!

This coming Saturday will be our sixth annual Christmas outreach to the Hispanic community of the area. Every year at this time we are in a sort of a panic, wondering if we've passed out enough invitations, if we've planned enough, if everything will come together. And every year on the day of the outreach, after hours of preparation, we open the doors...and wait...expectantly...watching...will they come?

The piñatas will be in place, the hot food cooked and ready to serve, the gospel message prepared and waiting, the youth in costume and ready to present their skit with an ever so important message to a captive audience....will they hear?

They will be told the reason for this party, the reason for Christmas, we will serve them a meal with a smile and with love, we will send them home with a reason to hope...will they believe?

When the last guest has gone, we will sweep up the paper remains of the piñatas, pick up forgotten crafts, line up the chairs in perfect rows as they were before, trusting that the message of salvation will enter a willing heart...if but one heart, it will be worth it....will you pray?