Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All About N.I.C.E.

Here you can read all about the missions agency we just joined. These are some excerpts from their website:

Nearly a half century ago, a group of faithful pastors were concerned that many communities in the Pacific Northwest that did not have independent, Bible teaching churches. They determined to work together to plant churches and assist struggling churches in those communities. The result was the birth of Northwest Independent Church Extension (NICE) in 1958.

In the years since 1958 God has allowed us to plant over 100 churches, place missionary pastors in another 100 small, struggling churches, and assist many, many others in their growth and development.

Our mission is to plant and serve independent, Bible preaching churches throughout the Northwest. We have men strategically located throughout the area to assist you and your church in planting new churches, finding a pastor or interim pastor, pulpit supply, leadership training, outreach ministries, Bible conferences, and counsel and encouragement.

And you can read a little bit about the Hispanic ministry with NICE here.

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