Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Acts 20:24. My only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.

The giddy tension of the participants. The roar of the crowd. The excitement in the air so strong you can almost touch it…. Here at the starting line of 2012, we invite you to join us for a lap or two while we share with you some of God’s tremendous new blessings in our lives and ministry.

Since the Christmas outreach, a new family has joined us in Spanish ministry. Last Sunday we reached the highest number of attenders yet at 92! Praise God, the Sunday School rooms are bursting with children (13 in preschool alone!) and more ladies have stepped up to help in teaching. The youth group is also becoming stronger, and this month they will hold their first big activity at church. The women just finished a weekly study of “Becoming a Woman of Excellence” and will continue to meet weekly for fellowship, prayer, and learning more of God’s Word. The three Life Groups continue to meet faithfully every week as well. What a joy to work alongside these people as we encourage each other to live like Christ!

For the past three and a half years Jose has been serving as pastor to Spanish ministry as a volunteer, working two, often three additional jobs to help make ends meet. This year, however, brings a big change to our family - probably the biggest change since moving to the US from Honduras. Our home church of Evergreen Bible Church voted to bring Jose on as a part-time paid pastor! Jose will keep his daytime job teaching Spanish at Vancouver Christian High School but has quit his night job, meaning he now has evenings available to dedicate much-needed time to ministry and family. “Relief” does not even come close to describing how we feel at this blessed change. We praise God for this blessing, and are praying that He would help us as we work on organizing our time – figuring out how to be a more “normal” family. The children have been extra excited to see their daddy at breakfast and dinner – a novelty they have not been able to enjoy for five years.

Sunrise from our breakfast table
So what does this change mean for us financially? The transfer from night job to “part-time” at church enabled us to make a straight step across in our budget without extra strain – a great blessing we are so thankful for. We are only $800 from reaching our monthly budget needs. Serving the Lord here on the mission field of Vancouver has evolved from launching a ministry where Spanish speakers would have a place to learn and worship to becoming a church-planting operation as we have seen many come to the Lord and as the group has grown in strength and number. We are humbled that God would allow us to be involved in His work to spread the gospel and help grow believers here in this vibrant but needy community.

Is God asking you to be involved in this work too? In order to reach our monthly budget—which includes both ministry and family expenses—, we only need 20 people to commit to giving just $40 a month. Or ten people to give just $80 per month…you get the idea! As you consider where to send this year’s offerings and gifts, would you please prayerfully ask God if He is leading you to support this church-planting ministry here in Vancouver? On the right side of this page is a link to N.I.C.E., the mission we are members of, and you may follow the steps there to send in support (or click HERE - select "Missionary Support" and then type in "Jose Alvarez" on the next page); or funds may be mailed to 909 Main St. Suite #5, PO Box 2225, Sumner, WA 98390.

A day trip up to Mt Hood to enjoy the snow

We didn't stay long as the pretty snow kind of turned into a blizzard!
Thank you in advance for considering supporting this ministry, and many, many thanks to those who already do. You are the sponsors, the capable pit crew, our fellow racecar drivers, AND the cheering crowd, all wrapped up in one. We could not serve in this capacity without you!

How to pray for us:

  • Learning how to manage this new schedule in a way that best blesses ministry and family
  • Wisdom as we lift up those who are struggling, and encouraging growth for those who are already walking with the Lord
  • Provision of the funds that are still lacking
We would love to hear from you! Feel free to comment here, email, or even send old-fashioned letters! God bless you as you serve Him where you are. And the next time you smell engine exhaust in the air, may it serve as a reminder to pray for us.

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