Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pray for Teresa!

Teresa is a sister in Christ in our Spanish congregation at EBC. She had out-patient surgery today to aleviate excruciating pain that she has been experiencing for EIGHT years due to ovarian cysts. Sadly the surgery revealed a greater problem and she'll need to go back in for more surgery soon. We visited her this afternoon as she is recovering from today's procedure. Despite the pain and discomfort, we came away filled with hope and joy for her. Wonder why? Because she said to us that she has been the only family member among her sibblings who has strayed and has walked away from God...but, she said, no longer! She told us that she has decided to give her life back to Christ and to follow Him as never before! Praise the Lord! This is great news. We ask your prayers for her - for her physical suffering and upcoming surgery, and more importantly, for her decision to walk with Christ again.
Teresa is the lady seated here at the right, during last Christmas' potluck dinner.

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